I don’t really want to make a lengthy post about anything quite yet, as I still want to settle in a bit. But here, have a picture from my flight from London to Edinburgh.


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January 14, 2014 · 3:59 pm

I’m going on an adventure!

Hello world! Tomorrow I leave for 4-5 months to study at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I’m insanely excited but equally as nervous and I didn’t know it was possible to be both of those things at once. I hope to post about my experiences often here. However, my posting regularly probably won’t begin until I’ve settled into my new home.

So, sorry for the short post. Nothing too interesting to share at the moment aside from pre-flight jitters and the fact that I’m having corn cakes and thick cut bacon in the morning (seriously though, I’m really going to miss those corn cakes). Longer, better, more interesting posts to come!

– Katie

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