British people are so cute.

The other day happened to be a very sunny one here in Edinburgh. Not quite as common as back in the States. The warmest it probably got was around 55 degrees I believe. So it was nice. I should specify – nicer than usual, but not “oh my gosh guys, grab your beach towels and rev up the grill cause warm weather is finally here” nice. But apparently that’s just my American perspective because one sunny day and people started coming out the woodworks to lay out in the sun like it was 70 degrees. Seriously, I saw people in shorts and tank tops. It looked like a nice spring day in Central Park, when people cram into the open green to picnic and enjoy the weather. It was kind of adorable.

Earlier this evening a friend and I ventured into Starbucks (I know, I know, of all the cafes in Edinburgh, why are we going to a place we could go to back home. Because it’s right by campus and we were tired!). Now I love me some iced tea (unsweetened thank you very much) but it’s pretty much nonexistent here. I’ve been going through iced tea withdrawals and I needed some in my system so I asked the Starbucks barista if they had plain iced tea. She looked at me with the most confused look on her face and asked “What??”. I then had to explain what iced tea was – like regular hot tea, but like, cold with ice in it. She asked me skeptically, “So you want…English Breakfast tea…and then…made cold?….with ice in it????!?!?”. She made it and it was fantastic but her reaction to the notion of iced tea tells me tea that is not served hot with milk is a completely foreign concept here.

So I guess the next 50 degree day when the sun is out I’ll go explain to a barista how to make me iced tea then take it out to the park where I will join the masses in laying out in a sun dress.

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